Teradomari Beach Onsen, Delicious Exploration Inn, Sumiyoshiya


Genroku annual foundation, along with this town three〇〇After years

Every season, the Sea of ​​Japan changes its color.
Sadogashima is far Sadogashima.
Listen to the crying voice of the seagull and see the setting sun setting in the west.
Sumiyoshiya was founded in such a port town and Teradomari, in the Genroku year "Middle Edo Period" and had never abandoned its business until today.
I look at the sea, relax to the green, stay hot springs, taste the taste of the Sea of ​​Japan.
Please spend your relaxing day at such a memorable day.

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Teradomari Beach Onsen, Delicious Exploration Inn, Sumiyoshiya


7745 Teradomari Omachi, Nagaoka City,Niigata Prefecture

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Route bus goes out from Nagaoka Station via Teradomari Station until near our hotel.

No summer season pickup
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《Enjoy Summer Vacation》Sea house discount ticket & drink included【Children Welcome】

《Early Booking Saver 30》Basic plan is 1,000 yen OFF with early reservation!

August 2018, "Separate place, Yu Nagi "Renewal Open!

  • 【Yutaka Abei】Renewal Open!

    【Yutaka Abei】Renewal open in August 2018!

    From the main building, you will be staying at "Satoru Yuki" located 1 minute on foot.

    Eating is OK without eating outside. ◎
    Recommended for everyone!

    On the first floor of the main building Sumiyoshiya, there is "sushi · drunkard, Ishikawa ~ Tsuitaki ~".
    You can enjoy delicious seafood and liquor in Niigata.
    ※Monday, Regular holiday
    There is also a great menu of raw beer set.

We also have a day trip plan!

  • It is a "day-trip plan with lunch" that you can enjoy with ease.

    I do not stay but I would like to enjoy hot spring · cuisine (lunch)!
    It is a perfect day-trip plan for all of you.

    For lunch, you can enjoy seafood including local fish bean-grill.

    ※Reservations will be received by phone
    ※There is no room preparation

If you enjoy golfing this plan

  • Yonex Country Club with golf play plan

    【Yonex Country Club】
    We also sell plan with golf play.
    Please confirm from the link destination for details.

    ※Please apply for two people or more.Reservations with one person can not be accepted due to the circumstances of the golf course.

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