Teradomari Beach Tsuwabuki Onsen Sumiyoshiya

Genroku annual foundation, with this town over 300 years

Every season, the Sea of ​​Japan changes its color.
Sadogashima that can be seen far beyond.
Listen to the cry of the seagull and see the sunset set in the west.
Sumiyoshiya was founded in the port town of Teradomari in the Middle Edo Period the Genroku Middle Edo Period,
Until today, I never stopped working.

and again,
Sumiyoshiya, which has the right to bid for the Teradomari Fisheries Cooperative Association,
I am studying with the desire to fully enjoy the freshness of seafood.

I look at the sea, relax to the green, stay hot springs, taste the taste of the Sea of ​​Japan.
Please spend your relaxing day at such a memorable day.

One-day sauna "ART" Usage hours and reservation method

  • Reservation of "ART"★Easy reservation anytime 24 hours a day by registering as a LINE friend!

    ■Private room sauna with towel and room wear set(2 people maximum)
    ·5,500 yen per person per room per person
    ·1 room for 2 people 4,000 yen per person

    ■Group sauna with towel and room wear set(Maximum 4 people)
    ·10,500 yen per person per room per person
    ·5,500 yen per person for 2 people per room
    ·4,000 yen per person for 3 people per room
    ·4 people use 1 room 3,500 yen per person
    ※Without towel set,500 yen off per person

    ·Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer

    swimsuit(When entering the sauna room with men and women, please be sure to wear a swimsuit.)
    ※If you are the same sex, you can use it without wearing a swimsuit.

Sushi, rocky shore dishes, kamameshi"Tsuwabuki"

  • Introducing the restaurant “Tsuwabuki”

    You can also enjoy the proud seafood at lunch.
    Also, if you are using a 1 night plan with breakfast and no meals,
    Dinner is also available.
    ※It can also be used by people other than hotel guests.

    ,Please drop in.

    Opening Hours
    Lunch from 11:30 to 14:30(14:00 last order)
    Dinner from 17:00 to 21:00(20:30 last order)
    ※Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

    The Sumiyoshiya, an inn Delicacies Exploration Inn 

Inn Sumiyoshiya Delicacies Exploration Inn★Promotional video

  • YouTube "Sumiyoshiya" Movie 

    In commemoration of the birth of the private sauna "ART" in 2023,
    We created a promotional video for Delicacies Exploration Inn Sumiyoshiya

    Please watch the promotional video of the inn in the port town of Teradomari.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Teradomari Beach Tsuwabuki Onsen Sumiyoshiya


7745 Teradomari Omachi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



Route bus goes out from Nagaoka Station via Teradomari Station until near our hotel.

Please contact us for requests such as pick up.

Parking:Present(Free)※Along Route 402
      First parking lot (right next to Sumiyoshiya) 25 cars can be accommodated
      2nd parking lot (right next to Bettei Yu Nagi) can accommodate 20 cars
Access · Facility overview page

Information of sale!

  • 《Early Booking Saver 30》Get 550 yen off per person when you book early on Teradomari's Fresh Specialty (Basic plan)!

    ≪550 yen off per person for reservations made 30 days in advance≫

    Why do not you enjoy traveling reasonably?
    ※The display price of the calendar etc will be "after discount".

    I want to fully enjoy seafood! Recommended for such customers~!
    It is a plan of this facility where the chief chef who puts emphasis on freshness puts his skill!
    Sashimi is Kagami (2 servings) and it is also recommended for use with couples or couples.
  • 【Limited Time Only】Private sauna "ART" "Includes one 2-hour sauna use"★Dinner/Dinner/Crab full course kaiseki meal

    private sauna『ART]<One-time use of sauna for 2 hours>

    "ART" is a private sauna that requires advance reservation. There are 3 rooms with a maximum capacity of 2 people and 2 rooms with a maximum capacity of 4 people. .

    In the passionate sauna room, you can self-relax at any time you like.
    We have an authentic Finnish sauna stove installed.

    There is a space where you can take a bath in the open air, and there are also "chairs".

    At Teradomari with a view of the sea as the third sauna boom continues to grow
    You can enjoy your own "Toto" to your heart's content!

~We accept delivery and takeout.~

  • You can take out lunch and Sushi!

    We accept delivery and takeout.
    Enjoy dishes such as fresh seafood.

    ※Orders can be placed from 4 pieces by the day before.
    ※Delivery area:Teradomari / Bunsui area(Delivery time 11:30 to 17:00)
    ※Delivery time 11:00 to 17:00
    ※Raw sushi, raw leaflets, and salad rolls are closed on Mondays.

    ~Contact information~
    7745 Teradomari Omachi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
    Teradomari Beach Tsuwabuki Onsen Sumiyoshiya
    TEL 0258−75−3228
    FAX 0258-75-5161

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.