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Please enjoy the outstanding freshness of Sumiyoshiya's fresh seafood with Teradomari fishermen's bidding rights

  • About 9 items of seasonal fish lined up being caught.Please enjoy dishes you can taste only here.

    I want to enjoy seafood as much as I want! Recommended for such customers ~!
    The chief chef who put emphasis on freshness is the plan of the hotel with its arm!
    Sashimi is Kagami (2 servings) and it is also recommended for use with couples or couples.
  • If you enjoy fluffy nodro here! Gourmet plan with one boat ride

    ◆◇【Illusionary luxury fish Nodogro (Blackthroat seaperch) and abalone dishes luxury plan! 】◇◆

    ◎ I rarely see you! Fluffy with nodogro☆
    ◎ If you bake it on an iron plate it is a refined texture and elegant texture! Grilled abalone with butter☆

    Furthermore, you can enjoy one dish, such as one boat sailor
    It is a gourmet plan that enjoys the food of Niigata luxuriously!

     ≪Dinner menu example≫
    ·Leading edge: Two types of seasonal delicacies
    ·sashimi: Local fish sashimi and others, One person's boat included
    ·Grilled Dish: Salt-grilled Nodogro, Flower basket bulk
    ·Warmth: Shabu-shabu of abalone
    ·Simmered dishes: Simmered seafood
    ·Fried food:Deep-fried curry
    ·Vinegared dish:This snow crab 1/2
    ·Boiled rice: Seafood pork cutlet
    ·Soup stock: Crab juice
    ·Seasonal dessert
  • Echigo Beef, seafood shabu shabu seafood collected, plus a nodoglo also a pleasant plan

    ◆◇【Echigo Three major taste! Cooking superlative plan】◇◆

    ◎ soft juicy Echigo Beef
    ◎ Seafood shabu shabu collection of seafood which can taste excellent freshness abalone
    ◎ Book snow crab spreading in taste in the mouth

    Enjoy exquisite dishes such as tuna more.
    It is a gourmet plan that enjoys the food of Niigata luxuriously!

     ≪Dinner menu example≫
    ·Leading edge: Flower basket bulk(Seasonal delicacies)
    ·sashimi: Local fish sashimi
    ·Grilled Dish: Nodogro's pottery
    ·Pan pot: Seafood Shabushabu(With abalone)
    ·Things on board: From Niigata Prefecture, Echigo Beef(Char-grilled)
    ·Fried food:Toji-age (fried food)
    ·Vinegared dish:This snow crab 1/2
    ·Meals: chirashi sushi
    ·Pickled Vegetables
    ·Dessert:Koshihikari Pudding
  • sake

    In the hotel, Ikeura Brewery"Warakugoson" of Nagaoka City is offered as both a cool sake and a Ikeura Brewery.
    Of course, Koshino-Knbai and Shimeharitsuru can be offered if requested.

    ※Kame-Okina will be valuable and difficult to obtain sake, so we will make it one cup.
    There is a possibility that the stock has run out.Please note.※Basically there is no one selling.Please note.

Seasonal meal

Memorial memorial service to remember the deceased on the day of death,
I would like to continue to defend as long as a traditional event that values ​​the gratitude of gratitude.
  • Seven·seven days(Forty nine days)

    Every seventh day, since the men of Enma's great subordinates are said to investigate the activities of their lives, we invited monks every day to read,
    We will sustain that the dead can go to paradise.
    Especially··Seventh and seventh is the day when the spirit crosses the Sanzu-no-kawa River.
    We will devote ourselves to our pursuit and care for the next world as well.
  • The first anniversary

    It will become the last legal requirement to invite guests.··Of course, those who especially have friends can do whatever we invite from now on.
    Let's notify guests twenty days ago to one month in advance by picking the date that guests are easy to visit.
  • Annual memorial service···After the first anniversary · · ·

    Third conclusion·Seventh time·The Thirteenth Day·Seventeenth meeting·Twenty-third Diplomacy·Twenty-seventh meeting
    The thirty-third session·The thirty-seventh meeting·50th anniversary·One hundred times
    (After that it will carry out the legal requirements every 50 years)
  • Request preparation and advice

    【Determination of date】
    Ideal is the date of death, but consider the convenience of the guests and choose the day that is as close as possible.
    In that case, I will do before the death.

    【Contact the temple】
    After listening to the circumstances of the Bodaiji temple and obtaining consent, we decide the date.【Application for the venue】
    The number of invited guests is focused mainly on people related to the deceased, and until the first anniversary it is quite extensive, after that it will be decided only for people who are deeply involved.

    【Create invitation letter】
    We will send you an invitation in advance, but you can also contact by phone or verbally.

    【Determination of gift】
    Practical items frequently used everyday are pleased.

    【Create Seating Order Table】
    Confirm the final staff and make sure it does not fall.
  • Examples of progress of legal requirements

    1. At home or venue · · ·Bodhisattva's sutra

    2. If you are going to burn to the first anniversary, you will finish the braid first.

    3. Move to the Otori venue

    Four. Opening remarks

    Five. Greeting from guest

    6. Owner's greetings

    7. Dedication (not toast)

    8. The feast

    9. Acknowledgments

    Ten. Closing

    Meals plan legend ··1 person charge(tax included·By beverage)

    1 person, 5,400 yen / 6,480 yen / 7,560 yen / 8,640 yen etc. We will respond to your budget.
    Bus transfer will be accepted.