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Accommodation Features

Perspective of the hotel Hinoki bath.While watching the large panorama overlooking the Teradomari Port and the Sea of ​​Japan stained in the sunset ...

  • Open Air Bath

    Perspective of the hotel Hinoki bath.You can spend a blissful time with a large panorama overlooking the Teradomari Port and a hot water bath while watching the Sea of ​​Japan stained in red with the sunset.
    In good weather you can wish for Sadogashima.
    Please spend a luxurious time to taste because it is a Teradomari.
    ※There is no hot spring.
  • Inner bath: Blessed public bath "Kamome-no-Yu"·Ladies' large public bath "Chidori-no-Yu"

    At the Blessing Great Bath 'Kamome-no-Yu' · Ladies' Big Bath 'Chidori-no-Yu', I am full of hot water to relax and relax.
    Teradomari Onsen is said to be effective for neuralgia, myalgia, cold and fatigue recovery.
    Please heal the tired body with plenty of water.
    Hot spring qualities
    Teradomari Beach Onsen / Sodium-bicarbonate / chloride cold spa
    Recovery from fatigue·Gynecological illness·Rheumatism·Neurosis
  • Bar Minato / Gallery Minato

    It is open from 9 o'clock in the evening, so you can use it at the second party after the banquet.
    We are equipped with karaoke so please have a fun and enjoyable time with everyone.

    In the morning, we are offering Morning Coffee etc. as "Gallery Minato" from around 8 o'clock.(Toll)
    ※In case of using, please apply at the time of reservation or apply at front desk if it is the day.
  • Sushi·Sake Yoidokoro, ~Tsuwabuki~

  • Front desk / lobby / shop

  • Bettei, Yu Nagi

    "Bettei Yu Nagi" located 1 minute on foot from the main building is renewed!

    Please enjoy a relaxing moment while watching the sunset spreading in the Sea of ​​Japan.

    Number of rooms: 7 rooms(14 square meters to 29 square meters)
        We offer two types of bed type and futon type.
    Family Private bath available(Paid separately)
    ★Free lending is being held on weekdays, limited to 3 pairs!
     ※The use hours can not be specified.
     ※It is necessary reservation system

     ※You can not connect to Wi-Fi.Please note.
      Since it is possible to connect in the lobby of the main building "Sumiyoshiya" please come.(One minute on foot)