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Teradomari Beach Tsuwabuki Onsen Sumiyoshiya


7745 Teradomari Omachi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



Route bus goes out from Nagaoka Station via Teradomari Station until near our hotel.

Please contact us for requests such as pick up.


  • When arriving by car

    Kanetsu Highway - Nakanoshima / Mitsuke - Teradomari Port, go to Sakana-no-Ameyoko area of ​​the Sakana-no-Ameyoko (30 minutes required)


    If you are going from Tokyo area, there is a chain regulation near Yuzawa IC
  • When coming by bullet train

    ① Get off at "Nagaoka Station" → Take the bus (for Teadomari, No 12 West Exit) → Get off at "Teradomari Omachi Bus Stop" → walk about 1 minute (Approximately 70 minutes from Nagaoka Station)

    ② Get off at Tsubame-Sanjo Station → use a taxi.Tsubame Exit is possible to get on either Sanjo Exit or Sanjo Exit.(Approximate travel time is about 40 minutes)

    ③ "Tsubame-Sanjo Station" connecting - → JR Yahiko Line(Directions to Yahiko)Boarding → "Yoshita Station" re-connecting

     →JR Echigo Line(Direction toward Kashiwazaki)Get off → Get off at "Teradomari Station" → Bus(Teradomari Beach direction to the Teradomari Beach)Boarding

     →Get off at "Teradomari Omachi Bus Stop" → 1 minute on foot(Duration 1.5 hours to 2 hours)
  • By airplane

    "Niigata Airport" → Bus "Niigata Airport Line"(bound for Niigata Station South Exit)Take the train → "Niigata Station South Exit" get off → Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet Train)(Tokyo line)Get off → Get off at Tsubame-Sanjo Station → Take a taxi