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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please tell us about the annex "Yu Nagi".

    It is an annex of Sumiyoshiya, a delicious quest inn that was reopened in August 2018.
    It is about 50M away from the main building across thContinue reading
  • Please tell me the time of check-in

    Check in principle is 15 o'clock in principle but you can enter as soon as preparation is ready (If you are ready around 14 o'clock you can Continue reading
  • Please let me know the time of check-out

    Check out time will be AM 10 o'clock.
  • Can I connect to the Internet?

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms of Sumiyoshiya Main Building and in this facility (no connection).
    However, I am sorry, you will Continue reading
  • Do you have a refrigerator?

    All the rooms have a fridge.Alcohol, juice, etc. are charged.Please note that we can not accept beverages from outside in the facility.
  • Is there a bath in the guest room?

    There are rooms with no room available.There may be a room or even a unit bus.Sorry if you have no rooms, please use the public bath.
  • Is there a room with open-air bath?

    There is no room with outdoor bath, but you can overlook the port like picture like on the 5th floor. Open-air bath Hinoki bath (separate frContinue reading
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    Smoking is strictly prohibited inside this facility.
    Please understand that there is a smoking space beside the entrance.
  • Is there a toilet in the room?

    All the rooms have a toilet.
  • Do you support barrier-free?

    There is no room preparation for the barrier-free correspondence.Also, there are some steps on each floor.
  • Is there any facilities that can be used in wheelchairs?

    I am sorry.Because the hotel is an ancient building, we do not have facilities.However, please do not hesitate to ask because I will assist Continue reading
  • Please tell me the safekeeping of valuable items

    In-room safe (free) Other, we will keep you at the front desk.
    ※Some rooms have no safe in some rooms.In that case we will keep you at the fContinue reading
  • What is the final start time for dinner?

    It is normal to start from 18 o'clock and the last is 18:30.
    If arrival is delayed by all means, if we can contact you, the last dinner starContinue reading
  • Which is the dinner place?

    Dinner will be a private room or a restaurant.(I will consider it as the designation of the hotel.)
    During the dinner, we will put on a futoContinue reading
  • Can I change my diet if I have an allergic reaction?

    Depending on the type of allergy, meals without allergens such as "crustaceans" and "eggs" are also available.
    Please be sure to inform us oContinue reading
  • Are you free to drink anything?

    All-you-can-drink starts from 3,300 yen (tax included).The details are as follows.

    Time: 2 hours only
    Number of people: 10 or more
    Alcohol Continue reading
  • Do you have a laundromat?

    I'm sorry.We are not prepared.If absolutely necessary, we will guide you because there is a coin launderette at 10 minutes by car from the hContinue reading
  • About karaoke

    If you can tell us in advance we will prepare for karaoke.Time will be from the start of the party to the end of the party.
    However, we may Continue reading
  • Are there tea ceremonies?

    There is "Gallery Minato" on the second floor when it is daytime.
    If you have a request we will prepare coffee.
    In addition, please contact Continue reading
  • Please tell us the hours of the public bath or outdoor bath

    There is a large public bath with springs of sodium, bicarbonate and chloride springs on the second floor.
    It will be from 5:30 in the morniContinue reading
  • Is there a locker in the public bath or outdoor bath?

    Unfortunately, there are only undressing baskets as you see the image.
    Please keep valuables etc in the safe of the guest room or leave it tContinue reading
  • Can you stay with pets?

    I'm sorry.We are refusing to share the pet's room.You can not keep your pet with you as it is.
  • Is there a place I can sightsee in the surroundings?

    The famous Fish market street (Sakana-no-Ameyoko called Sakana-no-Ameyoko) is about 10 minutes on foot from the hotel and a minute or two miContinue reading
  • Is there a place where I can eat around?

    For lunch, there is a dining room on the second floor of the Sakana-no-Ameyoko Fish market street (commonly known Sakana-no-Ameyoko) store. Continue reading
  • When is the best time to see cherry blossoms?

    Every year from the beginning of April to the middle of April is the best time to watch.
    There is a place name called Bunsui a distance of aContinue reading
  • About firefly spots

    Mt. Mt Yahiko is about 20 minutes away by car from the hotel.
    There is a spot where fireflies can be seen on that street.
    Please note that Continue reading
  • When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

    It will be at the best time from late October to mid November every year.
    Mount Mt Yahiko is 20 minutes away by car from the hotel.
    Yahiko Continue reading
  • Can you fish in the surroundings?

    The opposite side of the hotel is a harbor, where you can fish such as small fish.
    Other If you want to go out to sea and do fishing, we wilContinue reading
  • Is there a fishing rod rental?

    We are sorry but we do not rent fishing rods at our hotel.
    If you are going to have a fishing rod prepared by the customer, you will need toContinue reading
  • Could you cook the fish you caught?

    Unfortunately, basically we do not cook the seafood brought from outside.
    Our chief chef goes to Seri himself, we use carefully selected ingContinue reading

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